miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2006

El señor Gorsky se quedó sin churrupaíta

Hace unas cuantas entradas conté la historia de Armstrong en la Luna deseándole suerte a un tal señor Gorsky, que supuestamente era su vecino de niño, al que su mujer había dicho que le daría sexo oral "cuando el cuando el chico del vecino se pasee por la luna".

Encontré la historia reproducida, y aunque muchos sospechaban que era falsa, no fui capaz de encontrar nada para confirmarlo.

Pues no busqué lo suficiente. Un amable lector, Farfu, me pasó estos tres enlaces (¡gracias!). Anarroseo del primero, el más completo:
This legend, seemingly an obvious joke, began circulating on the Internet in mid-1995 and was picked up by the media a few months later. The inclusion of specific details (e.g., the name of Armstrong's neighbor, the date of the press conference on which he revealed the meaning of his remark) apparently led some to believe the farcical story might have some truth to it.

At its most basic level, this tale is a humorous anecdote that plays on the stereotypical portrayal of Jewish wives as reluctant to engage in recreational sex (and especially oral sex). In variant forms of this legend the last name of Neil Armstrong's neighbor is different, but the name used is always a "Jewish-sounding" one, such as Gorsky, Seligman, Schultz, or Klein; the unusual word order employed by the wife in her refusal ("Oral sex you want?") is also a stereotypical speech pattern attributed to Jews. On another level, this legend can be seen as an attempt to humanize a cultural hero by associating him with a story that is both humorous and racy: Neil Armstrong, the world-famous astronaut, is made to seem like a "regular" guy.

Any doubts about the veracity of this legend are laid to rest by the NASA transcripts of the Apollo 11 mission, which record no such statement having been made by Armstrong. Armstrong himself said in late 1995 that he first heard the anecdote delivered as a joke by comedian Buddy Hackett in California.
Además de desmontar otra leyenda urbana, he ganado varios enlaces chulos, jurl, jurl (lo de mirar en la web de la NASA se me podía haber ocurrido a mí solito...). ¡Gracias otra vez!

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