lunes, 25 de septiembre de 2006

La Fuerza vs dios

Christians REJOICE! Jesus will lead us in a real star war - between the armies of Heaven and Satan. Believers will “beam” up to the Starship in the sky, and Captain Jesus shall lead a thousand year Federation of Planets before Judgment Day. We are destined to WIN!

When you stand before Jesus’ throne what will you say you believe in —the power of the Lord, or the power of the Force? Science fiction fans repent. Your very eternal SOUL depends on your answer.

The Force makes people behave like Demons. Luke is "taught" by the grimy, wizened, midget stand-in for God, YODA to make things fly in the air with TELEKENISIS. That's what Demons do!

R2-D2 is the mute false god Baal who children are told is "cool". Is it so cool when God strikes you down where you stand? I don't think so!

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there will be silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. -Revelations 8:1

That seventh seal is the seventh SEQUEL to Star Wars! That sequel will enrage the Lord, and He shall SMITE those who worship the Force. No Ewoks will deliver you then- only JESUS.

Sacado de esta web (y visto en Las penas del Agente Smith). ¿Coña o realidad? La solución, en los comentarios :)

PD: combate el cambio climático, hazte pirata.

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  1. Pues es una coña, por supuesto. Basta con mirar ("People are Stupid. (...) Usually they think it's a bad joke, since they didn't get it themselves. I guess they missed the point. They are the joke. Mostly because people mouth off without thinking.") o con seguir algún link (como el del hate mail que reciben,, donde no lo pueden poner más claro: "This is an Ooze Magazine Production. The following is but a tiny fraction of the letters we recieved about our The Force=Satan Homepage. If you are comming here from that page, I have to let you in on a secret... it's a joke. It sort of ruins it that I have to spell it out for you, but I need to cut down on my hate mail.")


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